Covid-19 Research Response Fund

Galway is a place renowned for creativity and as a global medtech hub. It is little wonder our research community has been at the forefront in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our research community has mobilised quickly and engaged with hospitals, frontline staff, patients, families and industry to inform and drive innovative projects.

This research response has been broad and deep, including people from all disciplines — medicine, nursing, IT, physiology, engineering, psychology, social sciences, mathematics.

Many projects are already up and running, with many more in the pipeline.

With your support we want to do more. By contributing to the University of Galway Covid-19 Research Response Fund you can support real impact to benefit others.

The fund will help support projects from the University of Galway research and innovation community in areas such as:

  • Improving hospital technologies : from ventilators to remote monitoring
  • Aiding frontline workers: from PPE to psychology
  • Supporting patients: from communication tools to tracking symptoms
  • Joining global efforts: from clinical trials for vaccines to testing medications.
  • Minding families and communities : from empathy and family supports to classrooms of the future.

As the world unites in the fight against COVID-19, we ask you to unite with us in our efforts.

Simply click here to donate. If you would like to discuss a donation at any level or want to ask about corporate support, Susan Treacy, Associate Director can be reached on 087 7432245 or at