BioExcel Acclerator Programme

The BioExcel Acclerator Programme further enhance the medical technology sector start-up ecosystem within Ireland and attracts global talent to the Galway region.

The vision is to create innovative medical technologies which are affordable and transformative for patients with both acute and chronic conditions. The BioExel Accelerator programme will bring University of Galway closer to this patient-focused vision, while also stimulating innovation and job creation though high-potential start-ups. The programme will benefit from the strengths of the University in biomedical science and engineering teaching and research, as well as the CÚRAM Centre for Medical Device Research and the entrepreneurial BioInnovate Ireland Fellowship Programme which are both based here."

Successful applicants of the BioExel Accelerator programme receive membership and a place within University of Galway for a period of six months, where teams are able to build and commercially validate their technologies by working with existing entrepreneurial networks and mentors.

Galway University Foundation a part sponsor of this programme through the Bank of Ireland Seed and Early Stage Equity Fund.