Galway University Foundation

Galway University Foundation is dedicated to raising philanthropic support for the priority projects of University of Galway. Its mission transforms the lives of students and supports research that enhances the lives of people across the globe.

The tireless commitment of our donors has seen us raise in excess of €200 million (including leveraged funds), which has supported a wide range of projects. The capital development of our campus has been enormous. It has changed the entire ecosystem of learning and research for our students and researchers. This development is not just about providing the physical infrastructure, it is about enabling the cross pollination of ideas, providing imaginative spaces for creative thinking and problem solving, and housing the brightest students and researchers so that their work will have impact across the globe.

Galway University Foundation is grateful to all of the visionary and generous individuals, companies and foundations who donate to University of Galway. Their support through the Foundation has transformed our campus, supported our students and funded life-changing research.

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