Prostate Cancer Research

The Prostate Cancer Institute, established in 2010, continues to deliver high-quality, internationally recognized research and educational opportunities in the field of Prostate Cancer. Under the Directorship of Prof. Frank Sullivan, and with Dr. Sharon Glynn, Lecturer in Pathology and Principal Investigator, the Institute continues cutting edge research in the areas of Value Based Healthcare, while continuing to produce high-quality publications in the translational area.

The Institute has trained six PhD students to completion and has enrolled a further three PhDstudents, as well as one Masters student. The Institute has recently published papers in the International Journal of Cancer, Antioxidant Redox Signaling and Molecular Cancer in 2017 while Prof Sullivan was awarded an MSc in Clinical Research from the College of Medicine, University of Galway.

The support of Galway University Foundation and its donors is of critical importance to the development of this research in prostate cancer.