Undergraduate Scholarships

Fidelity Investments Access Scholarships
Fidelity Investments Ireland generously supports ten students with a scholarship over four years of their degree in the areas of Arts, Science, Engineering, Business and Economics. The scholarships are awarded based on academic merit and provides students with an annual bursary to support them throughout their entire degree. The team at Fidelity support students through career mentorship and work placements.
Gus O'Gorman Language Scholarship
The inaugural recipient of the Gus O’Gorman Irish Language Scholarship was Erin Hynes. The scholarship is awarded to the highest achieving student in Irish language at Concordia University. Supported by philanthropy the fund provides the student with a travel bursary and scholarship to study Irish in University of Galway.
The ARUP Scholarship in Engineering

The ARUP Scholarship in Engineering is awarded to the highest achieving student in Engineering who has progressed through the University of Galway Access Programme. The scholarship is awarded on academic merit and allows a student to progress through their four year degree without the barrier of financial hardship. ARUP further support engineering students who have come through an Access pathway to study for a Masters in Engineering in University of Galway. The gift from the ARUP Foundation supports a student facing financial hardship to pursue a MA in Engineering, a necessary qualification to practise as an engineer.

Allergan Access Scholarship in Science
The Allergan Access Scholarship in Science was awarded to the highest achieving student in the Access Programme progressing to a four-year Bachelor of Science degree. The bursary supports the student throughout their entire degree eliminating the pressure that comes from financial hardship. The support of an industry partner allows the student to engage with Allergan for mentorship and placement throughout their four years.
Inclusive Centenary Scholarship

In September 2016, University of Galway with the support of Galway University Foundation, launched the Inclusive Centenaries Scholarships in response to the needs of migrant students living in Ireland to access a third level education at University of Galway. The Scholarship addresses the needs of school leavers in Ireland who have refugee status or who are applying for international protection in Ireland (or having been refused international protection, an applicant for permission to remain in Ireland). Their status as non-EU students means that they are eligible to pay full fees are not entitled to apply for a maintenance grant. The scholarship is an opportunity for these high-achieving students to apply in respect of their fees and living expenses so that school-leavers from Ireland’s newest communities have the opportunity of a third-level education.

Liam O'Coinne Scholarship
The late Liam O'Coinne Scholarship, a native of Ballina, Co. Mayo and a former Board Director of Galway University Foundation was instrumental in the establishment of Scholarships with John Carroll University, Ohio, over the last number of years. The scholarships are jointly funded by The Mayo Society of greater Cleveland and Galway University Foundation offering students from both universities the opportunity of an exchange scholarship. These cultural exchanges enrich both the John Carroll and Irish communities by helping prepare students to lead and serve by engaging people in their respective countries.
DLA Piper Global Scholarships
Our Global Scholarships program supports outstanding and aspiring law students exclusively in Co Mayo to reach their potential and contribute to the rule of law in their communities.
Victoria Thompson Scholarship
The Victoria Thompson Scholarship is the first of its kind being a Masters in Complex Care and Children’s Palliative Care. The scholarship educates nurses in children’s palliative care in Ireland inspired by Victoria Thompson whose parents Sharon and Brian could not find enough qualified specialized care for Victoria at home. The work of these complex care or palliative care specialists is to promote and nurture the quality and wellbeing of children and their families diagnosed with life limiting illness. The legacy of Victoria burns bright and her short life is already impacting on the lives of so many children and their families who find themselves requiring specialised care at home.
Deloitte Global Scholars

The Deloitte Global Scholars are supported with a gift from Deloitte as part of the B Comm Global degree. This gift will fund travel bursaries for students as part of the requirement to gain international experience. The new Bachelor of Commerce (Global Experience) course at the JE Cairnes School of Business & Economics in University of Galway offers the opportunity of a work placement and a study abroad in the same year. The global experience is fundamental to the B Comm Global degree and offers students the opportunity to sample new cultures and to work in new environments. University of Galway partners with universities in a variety of countries including Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Sweden, the UK and the USA, amongst others.

"At Deloitte, we see first-hand, and on a daily basis, the ever-increasing need for international experience and an ability to wok across borders. Our clients are operating in a more globally connected way than ever before, and therefore we need to work this way also. We are delighted to support the University of Galway Deloitte scholars in gaining this important and valuable experience. We very much believe that it will equip them well in their future business careers."
Brendan Jennings, Managing Director, Deloitte

Máire Brazil Scholarship in Engineering
The Máire Brazil scholarship in the College of Engineering and Informatics was launched in 2017. It celebrates women in engineering and is awarded to the highest achieving female student in Civil Engineering. This scholarship will encourage and support talented female students to develop careers in Engineering. It has been established by distinguished engineering alumna of University of Galway, Áine Brazil.