Medieval Studies

Since 2010 the Sieg & Dunlap Travel Bursary has enabled 8 students to present papers at the International Medieval Congress in Kalamazoo, Michigan - the largest academic conference devoted to multi-disciplinary research in Medieval Studies.

Support for the Centre for Antique, Medieval and Pre-Modern Studies (CAMPS) at University of Galway has helped to fund 10 postgraduate students and 4 members of academic staff who presented papers at international academic conferences, as well as 29 research and peer-review seminars presented by 8 invited international speakers and 21 University of Galway researchers. It also supported plenary speakers for 2 international IMBAS conferences for postgraduates organised by University of Galway's postgraduate medievalists, as well speakers from Japan and Brazil at a conference devoted to Glossing: Comparative perspectives on manuscript annotation.

We gratefully acknowledge the support of James H. LoPrete, Esq and the LoPrete Family Foundation and the Samuel Westerman Foundation for their support which has helped to disseminate Medieval Studies research at University of Galway to an international audience.