Moore Institute Visiting Fellows

Galway University Foundation has supported the Visiting Fellowship scheme at The Moore Institute since 2010. The programme has played a major part in expanding the university's international profile in the humanities and social sciences, creating valuable networks and research collaborations across the College of Arts.

175 visiting academics from a wide range of institutions around the world and within Ireland have come to Galway under the scheme, providing them with the opportunity to interact with the academic community, to conduct research on rich archival and print collections within the Hardiman Library, and to engage with the wider university, the city, and region.

The demand has risen year-on-year, with significant impact on the university and students far beyond what was originally envisaged, including the donation of new archives to our library and an exchange programme with Columbia University's HeymanCenter for the Humanities. It has enabled our students and academics to make successful funding applications to organisations such as Marie Curie and National Endowment for the Humanities.