Breast Cancer Research

Breast cancer accounts for the greatest number of cancers diagnosed and the greatest number of deaths from cancer in women in Ireland. Thanks to the support of our donors research in breast cancer is changing the prognosis for women and men diagnosed with breast cancer.

Breast cancer research is led by Prof Michael Kerin and his teams in the Lambe Institute for Translational Research(hyperlink to the buildings section). The Institute, located on the grounds of University Hospital Galway is a world-class research center dedicated to pioneering medical research.

Funds raised through Galway University Foundation, supported by Breast Cancer Research and Mayo Pink Ribbon is enabling Prof Kerin and his team to carry out research on predicting those patients at risk of developing breast cancer and determining which patients will respond well to the commonly used treatments and which can be spared adverse side effects. Using stem cell technology they are looking into how cells can be manipulated to deliver drugs to tumours and destroy them.

One of the main research teams working in the Institute is breast cancer research led by Prof Michael Kerin and his teams. Funds raised through Galway University Foundation, supported by Breast Cancer Research and Mayo Pink Ribbon is advancing research in three main areas, namely; Personalised Medicine (risk protection and molecular profiling), Breast Regeneration and Innovative Diagnostic and Therapeutics.

In the area of personalized medicine the research team's Cancer Genetics Programme is addressing the role family characteristics have in the development of cancer. The team is also determining how well patients will respond to drugs used in chemotherapy and hormonal therapy.

For patients who undergo breast reconstruction after mastectomy the research team is working to determine the feasibility of growing a new breast from a patient's own cells.

Funding is also used to work on a photo acoustic imaging platform that will allow the observation of blood flow going through a tumour during treatment in order to gauge the efficacy of the treatment.

Funds raised for breast cancer research are also used to fund a surgical post in breast cancer. This post is co-funded by Mayo Pink Ribbon through Breast Cancer Research. It investigates the use of stem cells as vehicles for targeted delivery of therapeutic genes or their products to breast tumours.

Galway University Foundation acknowledges the tremendous support it receives from its donors for breast cancer research. In particular we wish to acknowledge the support of Dr Ronan and Anne Lambe, Mayo Pink Ribbon, and the many donors who support cancer research through our Alumni Fund and telephone Campaign.

This year Galway University Foundation was delighted to acknowledge the tremendous support of Mayo Pink Ribbon for their enormous contribution to breast cancer research in the Lamb Institute. We are grateful to their committee members, past and present, their donors, all of those who participate in their fundraising events and to the people of Mayo for their generosity.