Ukraine Crisis Support Fund

Ireland’s efforts to provide support to Ukrainian refugees is a complex operation involving many organisations and individuals. Our response at University of Galway is being coordinated with local, national and international organisations such as Galway City Council, Department of Foreign Affairs, and Scholars at Risk to name but a few.

Given the scale of the crisis we have decided to focus our efforts on supporting refugees associated with the Ukrainian Higher Education sector. We aim to help students, university staff and their families to shelter temporarily in Ireland by providing a variety of supports. We also intend to facilitate the rebuilding of the Ukrainian Higher Education sector when possible.

If you would like to make a financial contribution to support the University of Galway Ukraine Crisis Support Fund, please complete the secure donation form below and click "Secure Payment". Proceeds will contribute to the settling and supporting of university students and scholars who will be joining our community to continue their studies or research at University of Galway. While the situation remains very dynamic we do envisage a strong demand for places at University of Galway in the coming months.

Funds dispersal will be managed by Galway University Foundation and be under the direction of the University Management Team Ukrainian Subgroup.

For more information, please email Julie Stafford, Director of Development.