Bailey Allen Hall & Societies Centre

The Bailey Allen Wing is a major arts wing and cultural centre dedicated to the Arts and Societies and includes performance facilities, exhibition space and an Auditorium for University, The Cube Theatre, civic and public events. It facilitates the University as a prime theatre space used by students for performance as well as by the University for conferrings and major events.

The Bailey Allen Wing is named after the late Frank J. Bailey, born in Galway in 1938, and the son of Desmond and Angela (later Allen). He graduated from University of Galway in 1962 with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Through a generous bequest from his mother, the late Angela Allen, the spirit of Frank Bailey will be memorialised at University of Galway, while continuing to foster and support the artistic development of Galway city.

As a member of the student Dramatic Society, Frank infused the society with a visionary spirit that began the University's association with experimental and innovative drama. Later, he worked with Radio Éireann as an actor and producer and he went on to establish his own theatre company, producing dramas for the Olympia, Gaiety, Abbey and Celtic Arts Theatres.

Through his work he inspired a young generation of actors and producers, which led to the rejuvenation of Dramsoc at the University, and to a flowering of culture and creativity in Galway city evidenced in cultural initiatives such as Galway Arts Festival, Druid Theatre Company, Macnas, Cúirt and others.